Growing online sales for
brick-and-mortar retail
by revenue sharing model
Our advantages
10 years of
e-commerce experience
with own and partner projects
Own infrastructure
Software, order picking, warehouse logistics, call-center, management of advertising, online conversion and analytics
We work for interest of sales
We invest in design, store, content, warehouse logistics, support, analytics and omnichannel tools. And get income as % of future income
Online sales comparable to market leaders' sales
Omnichannel tools for sales increase in stores.

Managing advertising and analytics

- Proonline Enterprise e-commerce platform for white-lable projects implementation

- Aggregates 30000 SKU of 200 brands at 32 warehouses

- More than 300 new SKUs with unique content each month

- Delivery of over 12000 orders per month by courier, express courier and mail, and up to 2500 pick-up points

65 staff members, from call center specialist to software developers and marketing professionals
You get online sales comparable to market leaders' sales
Every day we work on all stages of sales funnel
  • Get online sales comparable to market leaders' sales
    Online store, content, service, advertising
  • No investment in development, team, stocks and mistakes
    We have big experience of setting up and developing e-commerce projects for off-line retail chains, using all warehouses and stores of the chain
  • Use all the omnichannel power: offline sales grows along with online
    Clients use on-line store on their PC, tablet, phone and app to place an order
All on-line sales in single agency agreement
Proonline Enterprise work principle is solving all tasks with minimum spend on customers part
Sales interest includes:
- Setting up on-line store (regular and mobile versions)
- Integration of customer design
- Linking to 9 services of payment and delivery
- 24 hrs call center (telephone, e-mail, chats)
- Goods pick-up at warehouses and stores
- Daily order picking and shipping
- Return of refused merchandise to seller's warehouse
- Creating a product catalogue (studio shooting, 360, copywriting)
- Omni implementation: booking a 3-hour delivery, contact info collection, apps
- Software upgrades (campaigns, new sections and services)
- Analytics for all advertising channels
- Wholesale prices for advertising and logistics to the client
- SEO-promotion: analytics, semantics, copywriting, promotion

The following expenses are cross-charged:
- Payment and delivery services
- Advertising (Yandex, Google, VK, etc.)

Proonline provides huge advantages for all business managers

- Provide for on-line sales start or renewal without investing into goods and development – eliminate dependence on personnel and start-up mistakes – strong partner, that will develop the channel and introduce all modern tools

- Off-line stores sales growth due to introduction of omnichannel tools (booking, indication of goods at stock, contact info collection, app with size availability in stores) and maintaining communication with clients (e-mails, text messaging, push)

- Opportunity to implement the on-line project comparable to market leaders with growing KPIs

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